Family Counseling

Families can find themselves struggling in their everyday interactions. When dealing with a serious crisis, they can often benefit from a family therapy program. When one or more family members experience challenging or difficult times, it can affect the entire family unit.

Family therapy can assist with communication difficulties, coping with recent changes, providing the space to process any difficulties, and ultimately increase connection among the family.

Building Healthy

No matter what challenges life may bring, a grounded family can help to remind you of what matters most: having one another. Yet, families face many obstacles common to other relationships: coexisting while respecting personal routines, establishing effective communication, and supporting each other’s needs. Family dynamics inherently involve multiple people and therefore require keen synergy to ensure interactions flow with ease. Family counseling is ideal for traditional families, blended families, and foster families.

What does Family Counseling Consist of?

Family counseling treats the family system as a whole in a private space that allows everyone to open up and hear one another. Sessions are attended by parents, children, and any other relatives who may be part of the core family system to help identify roles and patterns as well as assess underlying problems. Oftentimes, "homework" will be given to help promote growth. Additional benefits of family counseling can help you and your loved ones:

  •  Improve communication     
  • Increase unity within a blended family
  • Recover or strengthen trust in one another
  • Foster unity and connection
  • Work together as a team
  • Resolve issues surrounding complex life events or transition
  • Learn coping skills to manage stressors
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Blended Families &

Blended families face a myriad of challenges as they navigate the complexities of merging individuals from different backgrounds and previous family structures.

One of the most significant hurdles is the adjustment period, during which family members, particularly children, grapple with adapting to new roles, relationships, and dynamics.

Loyalty conflicts often arise, as children may feel torn between allegiance to their biological parents and their step-parents, leading to emotional turmoil and potential division within the family. Additionally, role ambiguity, cultural differences, and financial strain may also contribute to the intricate web of challenges faced by blended families, requiring patience, understanding, and effective communication to overcome.

Counseling for blended families can help them better handle complicated situations, communicate better, and strengthen their relationships to create a united and supportive family.

Co-Parenting Challenges

Co-parenting issues including differences in parenting styles and communication breakdowns between biological and step-parents, can also strain relationships and create tension. We can help you establish clear boundaries, develop co-parenting strategies, and strengthen parenting skills to promote healthy relationships and positive outcomes for your children. Through co-parent counseling, our counselors can aid in addressing these difficulties and help you foster a strong, resilient family.


Parent counseling is a form of therapy or support designed to help parents navigate the challenges and complexities of raising children. The goal of parent counseling is to empower parents with the tools and knowledge necessary to create a nurturing and supportive environment for their children's growth and well-being. Clear Skies Counseling specializes in working with individual parents, couples, or entire families to provide guidance, education, and support tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. 

We can help with a wide range of issues and challenges related to parenting, including:

  • Behavior Management
  • Co-Parenting
  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Family Dynamics
  • Parent-Child Relationship
  • Parenting Skills
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Special Needs Parenting
  • Stress Management 
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